Weekly Test- it’s done for a reason!

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Fire Alarms North Devon

The purpose of weekly test is to verify the alarm is functioning and allow your staff and occupants of the building to become and remain familiar with the Fire Alarm System. The British Standard BS 5839-1 2017 Clause 44.2 a) states “Every week, a manual call point should be operated during normal working hours. It should be confirmed that the … Read More

Zone Diagram- Does your system have one?


BS5839 -1 2017 states all fire alarm systems must have a Zone diagram correctly orientated mounted next to the fire alarm panel and repeater. The Zone plan must be a diagrammatic representation of your building, showing specific topographic information and the division of the building into detection zones to allow Users and Fire Fighters to access the source of the fire … Read More

2018 Brings New Opportunities


A successful ISO9000 audit over the Christmas Period followed a brilliant BAFE SP203 audit earlier in the month. New installs and upgrades have included: A precision engineering company A local church hall One off Barnstaple’s oldest Public Houses with accomodation A Modern Block of Flats One of North Devon’s Leading Care Homes A nurse call upgrade Several Take Overs FPS … Read More