Another great week for FPS


Four new takeovers and numerous maintenances. The takeovers were a mixture of public houses, flats and shops and we would like to thank them for their business. We also move into a new financial year and at this time it seems appropriate to thank all our older customers for their business.

For those of you wondering why maintenance is required we carryout service for the following reasons:

  • faults are identified with the system
  • preventive measures can be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system
  • false alarm problems are identified and suitably addressed
  • the user is made aware of any changes to the building that affect the protection afforded by the system
  • and it’s a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005

One of the new sites this week was found to have a backup battery that was dated 1998, approximately 15 years ago it should have been changed!!! Another site had a detector not functioning within a high risk area.  Although panels do monitor critical signal paths they do not monitor all faults.  FPS will only send a suitably competent and skilled engineer to work on your system. Our engineers have a access to tools, spare parts and back up resources ensuring we do our best as often as we can.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the response and service they need, we will only recommend and will only replace or repair items that are agreed or approved.   If you would like a quotation for maintenance please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01271 321724 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.