BAFE Accreditation SP203

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Fire Alarm Installation Cornwall

Fire Protection Systems were one of the first small businesses in Devon to achieve BAFE back in 2007.  As a business we strive to do a good job, meeting the needs of our customer and BS5839. We recognise that we provide advice as well as support because our customers want the best.

If your business is looking for a installer or a maintainer do you think to ask the new company if they have appropriate insurance, there are the obvious Public but how about professional indemnity cover or efficacy!

We do, we have both, we also have ISO 9001, does your supplier? Some will say you don’t need it, some will say it’s not cost effective, so will say it’s not a legal requirement. Check out The Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005, as it says one of the ways to select a competent supplier is one who is accredited to ISO 9001. How do you know they are competent

  • Do they have BAFE Sp203
  • Do they have ISO 9001 with an appropriate accreditation
  • Do they have insurance
  • Do they support you in times of need

I am very proud of our business, I am even prouder of the engineers working in difficult environments helping to keep you safe.

If you would like to chat about our services give me a call on 01271 321724 and ask.

I look forward to your call.


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