Passive Fire Protection- are you covered!


Passive Fire Protection- are you covered!

Passive fire protection ensures fire compartments are sealed from the spread of flame, smoke and heat. If any one of these fire elements breaks through a barrier your chances of escape are diminishing. A fire door incorrectly fitted without smoke strips, intumescent seals, a closer, hinges and appropriate door furniture is not going to prevent the Big 3. A hole in wall that has a metal pipe or a plastic pipe will conduct heat, 800 Deg C will happily conduct down the pipe into another room where combustion can occur. A plastic waste pipe will collapse under the heat and smoke flame heat will transfer through the void.

So if you have rooms or compartments that have these types of issues give us a call on 01271 321724 You may have a the best fire alarm, but if your passive fire protection is not up to scratch, lives could be at risk.

Holes through walls to no-where

A Key Hole in a fire door

Plastic Waste Pipe through a barrier