Fire Risk Assessments, Reduce Your Risk

Professional fire risk assessment are an incredibly important part of fire prevention and fire safety. Fire Protection Systems Ltd provides fire risk assessments for different types of business premises. First of all, our fire protection experts will analyse your building carefully. They will identify and evaluate all possible fire risks in your business, create the report for your fire safety plan and, most importantly, take all the necessary fire prevention measures. As a result, we’ll help you reduce your fire risks and improve your fire safety dramatically.

Fire Protection Systems Ltd have been delivering fire risk assessment services since 2005. It’s important to note that our fire protection experts have huge experience in providing fire risk assessments to different types of businesses including hotels, factories and shops. They will help you identify all possible fire risks. Moreover, we’ll give you recommendations on how to remove (or reduce) all of these fire risks.

Fire Risk Assessment Reports

We take a serious approach to fire risk assessments. That means that after fire risk assessment our professionals will also provide you with the fire risk assessment report. The document will include the description of all fire risks as well as the instructions you need to follow to improve your building’s fire safety. Obviously, fire risk assessment services are designed to remove (or reduce) the risks of fire accidents in commercial buildings. So, once fire risks have been identified by our experts you’ll also need to take fire prevention measures.

After conducting the risk assessment we may recommend you to buy fire extinguishers, getting fire safety training, installing fire alarms as well as emergency lighting. By following the advice provided by our professionals you’ll be able to minimise your building’s fire risks dramatically.

Working across Devon and All of the South West

Are you looking for fire protection experts who specialise in fire risk assessment? Fire Protection Systems Ltd is the answer! Our company offers a full range of fire risk assessment services to commercial buildings, we are based in Barnstaple, North Devon and operate across the South West including Exeter, Taunton, Plymouth and Bristol. We will help you improve your building’s fire safety significantly and reduce the risk of fire accidents from happening!