Full Range of Fire Stopping Solutions

Fire Protection Systems Ltd has been delivering fire stopping and passive fire protection services since 2005. We provide a full range of fire stopping solutions including annual fire safety inspections, fire safety consulting, fire safety upgrades, fire doors and frames, supplying fire protection products and many others. Our fire stopping and passive fire protection services are designed to improve your fire safety, minimise fire risks and stop the spread of fire in your building in the event of fire.

You can take advantage of our annual fire safety inspections. The main aim of fire safety inspections is to identify fire safety issues and then resolve them successfully. Our fire safety experts will inspect your building carefully and will recommend you safety measures to help you prevent any type of fire accidents from happening. In order to keep a building safe from fire we recommend our clients to have fire safety inspections on a regular basis.

Fire Safety Upgrades

It’s crucial for you to know that the risk of fire accidents increases dramatically if some of your fire protection systems becomes out-of-date. Obviously, you need to do everything that you can to prevent this from happening. We can help you with fire safety upgrades. After analysing your building carefully, our fire protection experts will recommend the necessary upgrades for improving your fire safety and ensure your building complies to all necessary regulations.

Oftentimes, we advise our customers to upgrade (or even replace) their existing fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and other fire protection systems in their buildings. Remember, if you take all the necessary fire protection measures and keep all of your fire safety systems up-to-date you will be able to reduce the risk of fire in your premise.

Supply of Fire Protection Products

We can help you improve your fire safety significantly by installing fire doors and frames in your building. Our engineers are highly trained in installing, replacing and maintaining different types of fire doors and frames.

Fire Protection Systems Ltd provides a wide choice of products for all of your fire protection needs. Our engineers have huge experience in installing, commissioning and maintaining all types of fire protection products. That means that if you choose to deal with us you’ll get the complex fire protection solution.

Working across Devon and All of the South West

Do you need a technical advice on fire safety? We can help you with that! Fire Protection Systems Ltd has been providing fire safety consulting services for many years. Therefore, you can consult with our experts on different types of fire safety issues and get appropriate technical advice.

We are based in Barnstaple, North Devon and operate across the South West including Exeter, Taunton, Plymouth and Bristol. For more information on any type of fire stopping and fire protection services in your area, please contact us at 0800 8830895 anytime!